Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The fighting has caused thousands of deaths and created millions of refugees, as well as straining Russian relations with much of the rest of the world, increasing the risk of a wider European conflict. 

On Campus:

Understanding the crisis:

  • What does invasion of Ukraine mean for U.S. foreign policy? Will Walldorf, professor of politics and international affairs and resident faculty member this semester with Wake Washington, explains the international consequences of the attack and the implications for U.S. foreign policy.
  • Are economic sanctions against Russia the answer? Benjamin Coates, associate professor of history, explains how economic sanctions have been used in the past, how they are being used against Russia and the impact they are likely to have.
  • Understanding the Ukrainian refugee crisis Sarah Lischer, professor of politics and international affairs who is also teaching courses on humanitarian action and the politics of forced migration, addresses the challenges facing the Ukrainian refugees, the importance of international support, and lessons from the past. 
  • Questions about the Ukraine? ZSR can help Roz Tedford, Wake Forest’s political science librarian, has put together a list of resources available campus-wide for all Wake Forest students, faculty and staff. 

WFU faculty in the media:

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