Community Events

4/23/246 p.m.Interfaith Passover SederMagnolia Room, Reynolda Hall
4/16/247:30 p.m.Speaker David Makovsky, The Israel-Hamas War and the Middle EastDivinity School Lower Auditorium
4/11/245 p.m.“Anti-Asian Hate, Collective Racial Trauma, and Posttraumatic Growth”, and “Apocalyptic Exclusion: The Book of Revelation & US Narrative of Chinese Immagration” with co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate, Russell JeungZSR Auditorium (Room 404)
4/9/247:30 p.m.Survival Through Song, An Evening with Saul Dreier, Founder of the Holocaust Survivor BandKulynych Auditorium
4/3/247 p.m.Interfaith IftarCollins Hall
4/2/247 p.m.Ramadan Fast A Thon – Community Iftar CelebrationManchester Plaza
4/2/247 p.m.“Armageddon in America: Vissions of the End & their Real World Consequences”, Albritton LectureWait Chapel
3/28/245-6 p.m.Deacon Dialogue: Climate JusticeCampus Kitchen SJI Lounge
3/22/2412 p.m.Faculty/Staff Conversations on Israel-Hamas War (sponsored by MESAS and Jewish Studies)TBD
3/1/2412-2 p.m.Open Jummah and ConversationMSA Lounge
3/1/2412 p.m.Faculty/Staff Conversations on Israel-Hamas War (sponsored by MESAS and Jewish Studies)TBD
2/29/245 p.m.Diversity in Islam PanelPugh
2/28/245:30-8 p.m.Make a Hijab and CalligraphyWaker Space
2/27/245 p.m.Deacon Dialogue: ColorismCampus Kitchen Lounge
2/27/247 p.m.Islam Trivia Night (with SU)Shorty’s
2/26/2411:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.Ask a MuslimOutside Pit
2/22/246 p.m.Faculty/Staff Conversations on Israel-Hamas War (sponsored by MESAS and Jewish Studies)TBD
2/20/247 p.m.“The Future of Religion in American Diplomacy”, Yeazel Speaker SeriesZSR Library Auditorium
2/17/246:30 p.m.MSA BowlingNorthside Lanes
2/15/245 p.m.Deacon Dialogue: Political PolarizationCampus Kitchen Lounge
2/15/246 p.m.Joint MSA/Hillel event (tentative)
2/7/244 p.m.“Judging Jewish Identity in the United States”, Dept for the Study of Religions Book TalkRELS Lounge (DRS 116)
2/1/24Dialogue Facilitator TrainingCampus Kitchen Lounge
1/31/24All dayFaces of Resistance: Women of the HolocaustBenson 3rd Floor
1/31/247-10 p.m.MSA HangoutMSA Lounge
1/27/245:30 p.m.Shabbat HavdalehHillel Lounge
1/27/24International Holocaust Remembrance Day
1/26/24Palestine Day of Action
1/25/24Noon – 3 p.m.Tu B’shevatBenson 2nd Floor
1/25/24All dayFaces of Resistance: Women of the HolocaustBenson 3rd Floor
1/21/245 p.m.Understanding Genocide: Confronting Israel’s assault on Gaza Zoom

University Messages – 2024

University Messages – 2023

President Wente’s blog

"At Wake Forest, our response to crises should never be a single message or act. It involves overlapping layers of effort and continually evolves to meet the changing needs of our global community. Our community also evolves and finds further ways of responding to these moments of challenge. Rarely is a crisis response effort 'finished;' instead, it becomes part of the fabric of how we continue to communicate care for one another as we create meaning  of what has happened and consider what comes next."

Read President Wente’s full message, focused on taking care of the Wake Forest community, creating opportunities for learning and dialogue, and communicating our values:

A guide in moments of crisis: ‘For Humanity’
(Friday, Oct. 13)

University statement (Oct. 10)

We encourage members of our community to be a source of support, compassion, and empathy for one another now and in the days ahead. In addition to the Office of the Chaplain, we encourage students seeking support to contact 336.758.CARE (2273).

"We stand in solidarity with members of our community who are feeling fear, grief, uncertainty, anger, and confusion in response to the conflict in Israel and Gaza. These shared acts are an affront to our shared humanity." President Susan R. Wente.

University statement (Oct. 16)

Our motto calls us to stand with and for humanity. As such, we condemn terrorism and violence in all forms and acknowledge the tremendous pain and suffering in Israel and Gaza — both for those directly affected, and the many Wake Forest community members with personal and cultural ties to the region. 

Our role as an academic institution is to create an environment in which scholars and students can study and research topics freely, and through open, constructive discourse and debate, determine their own positions. 

For more on how the University responds to crises of national or global significance, read President Wente’s October blog post.

The University respects and upholds the individual First Amendment rights of its faculty, staff, and students, as well as the tenets of free expression and academic freedom that are foundational to our educational mission and learning community. 

Speech that incites violence, falsely defames individuals, or targets specific individuals or groups with threats or harassment is not protected by the First Amendment, nor allowed by University policy. Such instances should be reported to University Police. Individuals who believe they have experienced or witnessed bias or discrimination should report these instances through the bias report system.

The University offers support through a variety of resources, which can be accessed by calling 336.758.CARE.

As we navigate the days and weeks ahead, let us continue to demonstrate care and empathy for each other and contribute to a supportive community environment where all members can study, learn, and work.

These organizations hold recurring and special events. See their sites for more information:

Campus Resources

Questions? Please call 336-758-7500 from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. on May 2-3.

The University is prepared to provide assistance to those coping with disasters:

We Are Wake:
336-758-CARE (2273)

In Addition

Report Bias

If you are a victim of a bias incident, you should report it here.

Relief Organizations

For a list of major relief organizations and how to contact them, visit this page.